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    RKB Concrete supply’s top quality Ready-Mix Concrete, On-Site Mixed Concrete, Volumetric Concrete and Screed to customers throughout Dartford, Gravesend, Kent and surrounding areas.

    RKB Concrete is a leading supplier of premium Ready-Mixed Concrete, On-Site Mixed Concrete, Volumetric Concrete, Screed work and Concrete Pump hire services throughout Dartford, Gravesend, Kent and surrounding areas.

    Our team of fully qualified professionals have years of experience and are always on hand to help you get the job done quickly and without wasting materials. We have a vast fleet of volumetric concrete trucks equipped with the latest technology, which allows us to deliver the exact amount of concrete you require for your project. This means that you not only save money but also time.

    Whether you need concrete for laying foundations, for a garden shed or a new-build office block, the team at RKB Concrete deliver premium concrete to both domestic and commercial sites. Any size order can be mixed and ready for the same day or next day delivery.


    Only pay for the concrete you use.
    Same day or next day delivery. Ensuring on-time delivery.
    Free, no-obligation concrete quotes.
    A fleet equipped with the latest technology.
     Fully qualified and knowledgeable team providing excellent customer service.


    Our Services

    Our ready-mixed concrete is produced under controlled conditions, using premium-grade aggregate and cement to produce the highest quality product in Dartford, Gravesend and Kent, batch after batch.

    Guessing the amount of concrete that you need is never a good idea. With our volumetric concrete service, you never have to worry about ordering too much or too little concrete.

    On-Site Mixed Concrete is concrete prepared fresh at the construction site. Whether you’re after industrial quantities of concrete or a few barrowful’s our on-site concrete mixing methods guarantee that you will have exactly what you need and nothing more.

    Screed is a combination of cement and sand. Once a sub-layer of structural flooring has been set, a thin layer of screed will be set on top. The top screed layer covers the base to produce a level, smooth and seamless finish.

    If you’re looking for strong, premium-grade and long-lasting concrete for a conservatory, garden wall, patio, a home extension or large commercial building sites, we’re the best firm to call.

    Concrete pumping is a quick, safe and efficient way to deliver concrete to a site that is difficult to access. This method also reduces the need to move concrete using wheelbarrows, which is a manual slow process that risks the mix drying out before use.

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